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Athens Cool roof seminar

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A seminar has been organised in the framework of the Cool Roofs project by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The seminar has been carried out in Athens, at the Metropolitan Hotel (L. Syggrou 385), on Wednesday, February the 2nd 2011. The title of the seminar was: Cool materials and their role in improving the energy performance of buildings and the quality of the urban environment.

The seminar covered the several topics related to cool roofs:

  • the technical aspects of available cool¬† materials, their advantages related to reducing energy consumption in buildings and improving the quality of the urban environment by reducing the heat island effect
  • issues related to designing and evaluating the energy performance of buildings using cool roofing materials
  • case studies of cool roof applications in buildings
  • Innovations in cool roofs technology
  • Recent advances in regulations and policies in Greece related to cool roofs and the market aspect of cool roofs.
  • The National program called "Building the Future" that includes the application of cool roofing technologies on 20000 residential buildings as a measure of improving their energy performance

The seminar was very successful with more than 95 participants. There was a very strong interest in the cool roofs technology from the Greek cool roofs industry with representatives from many companies and associations and also from architects, civil, environmental, mechanical and other engineers.



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